Recurring Billing for Your Customers

Generate recurring payments and manage subscriptions

If your company deals with products or services which need to be billed on a recurring basis, Bluepark's ecommerce software can provide a flexible and dependable solution. Subscription-based products automatically generate recurring payments which are added to a daily billing cycle. The frequency of the payments can be affected by selecting monthly, quarterly or annual intervals. In addition, the duration of the subscription may be indicated by specifying the total number of instalments required.

Bluepark's recurring billing system supports the Sage Pay Direct payment processor only. All transactions are generated from Bluepark's server over a secure connection on a scheduled basis. No additional functionality is required from either the payment processor or the merchant account provider.

However, it is essential that you inform your bank of your intention to process scheduled payments on your site. Your merchant account provider may require that you agree to specific terms before billing your customers on a recurring basis, such as acquiring a Continuous Authority merchant number. To proceed without the approval of your bank might put your merchant account at risk.

Account Monitor - Example Screenshot

Changes to the prices of subscription-based products are automatically reflected in future billing cycles for your customers. You may alter the billing frequency and required instalments at any time, should an existing agreement with a customer be subject to review.

Transparency for the customer and the merchant

Confirmations of successful transactions are sent to the customer via e-mail. Should a transaction fail for any reason, such as an invalid expiry date on a credit card, the customer will be notified and given the opportunity to alter their payment information via a secure connection on your site. Bluepark's recurring billing system will attempt to process overdue payments at 3 day intervals and will provide you with comprehensive failure reports when necessary, enabling you to follow up on outstanding invoices.

Recurring billing is available as an optional feature for all Bluepark ecommerce packages. There is an additional monthly charge of 10 for the service. Your online shop must be secured with an SSL certificate, used in combination with a qualifying payment processor such as Sage Pay Direct.