Transfer Your Site to Bluepark

Make the switch with no disruption to sales

It could be that you already own a site which is not yet configured for ecommerce. Or it could be that your existing online shop would benefit from the usability, speed and finesse of Bluepark's ecommerce software. It might even be the case that you're spending large sums of money, unnecessarily, paying a third party to update your site content.

We recognise that it can be a daunting prospect to transfer a site from one web hosting provider to another, which is why we are able to provide exclusive temporary development areas to businesses wishing to maintain their existing online presence. Your current site will remain in place for your customers, allowing the sales process to continue undisturbed whilst your brand new site is in development. Once the site is perfected, tested and ready to be deployed, a simple DNS change will affect a seamless transition from the old site to the new.

Take advantage of our design transfer service

Should you wish to maintain the overall branding, look and feel of your current site, this will not pose a problem. Bluepark's highly advanced Template system is capable of replicating virtually any site design.

We would be very happy to undertake the transfer of an existing site design on your behalf, enabling you to start work on your product catalogue and additional page content immediately. Throughout the entire site building process, we will be on-hand to help as you become familiar with the software.

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Import your existing product catalogue or let us help

From within your current store, simply export your product database to an Excel-compatible CSV-formatted spreadsheet for easy import into Bluepark's system. The order of the columns within the file is not important. If you're intending to standardise image sizes throughout the site, you need only upload the largest image and let Bluepark create the others automatically to your exact specification. Remember, you're not just recreating your existing site, you're launching the next version - new, improved and upgraded.

Assuming the CSV file is reasonably well structured, we may be able to undertake the product catalogue import on your behalf. We have successfully imported CSV files from a number of ecommerce software providers.

We also appreciate that you will most likely be concerned about the effect on your search engine rankings. This is why our software enables you to set up "301 permanent redirects" from the old page URLs to Bluepark's search engine friendly URLs. This ensures that page rankings are maintained throughout the transitional period. Again, should you wish to focus on other aspects of the site building process, we would be happy to help.

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Complete the process and go live

When the development stage of the site is complete, and the testing phase has proved to be successful, the switch to Bluepark can finally be made. Simply by altering the primary and secondary name servers for your domain name, via your registrar, your customers will begin to experience the unique benefits of your new Bluepark site. No down-time, no service outages - just business as usual throughout the entire process.

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