Become a Bluepark Affiliate Partner

Affiliate Scheme:  For developers and designers

If you're a web developer or designer, and you're looking for a comprehensive, feature-laden ecommerce solution for your clients, then look no further than Bluepark. We regularly deal with developers, and work closely with our Affiliate Partners to ensure that they are able to build their sites quickly and efficiently. Bluepark's CMS is flexible enough for even the most challenging of projects, and we frequently upgrade our software to accommodate new features and functionality without any additional charges.

We offer a Sales Rebate to our Affiliate Partners, based on the number of sites in operation and their cumulative spend with us, payable on an annual basis.

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Referral Scheme:  Recommend a friend to Bluepark

The Referral Scheme is designed to offer a reward for the referral of a prospective Client to any of the Bluepark packages. There is no specific commitment requirement on behalf of the Referee, and the newly introduced Client is supported directly by Bluepark.

A successful referral, that is a sales conversion, results in a one-off payment to the Referee - equivalent to the full cost of the original package purchased (i.e. Business Park = 39.99).

The referral fee becomes payable after 3 months consecutive trading by the newly introduced Client, from the date of the initial purchase. The method of payment to the Referee will be by bank transfer.

  • Bluepark Solutions Ltd standard trading terms apply
  • The Referral Scheme applies only to packages supplied at standard prices
  • Referral Scheme terms do not apply to bespoke services or the supply of SSL certificates, etc.
  • The Referral Scheme cannot be utilised in conjunction with any other promotion or scheme
  • We reserve the right to review the terms and conditions of the scheme at any time


The scheme is open to Clients contracted to Bluepark Solutions Ltd. To qualify for a reward, the Client must notify Bluepark of the prospective Client's details, in writing, prior to the completion of the sale by the Client.

Details required are:

  • Name (and Company, if applicable)
  • E-Mail Address
  • Domain Name

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