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    Thanks Thomas, in fairness I have my own mac mail...

    Thanks Thomas, in fairness I have my own mac mail with all the storage I could need - just need a solution for keeping historical conversations within the bluepark webmail for quick reference. Thanks...
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    Webmail storage & removing attachments

    Hi. Our webmail storage keeps sending us over our 500mb quota. We send and receive a lot of artwork files attachments. Does anyone know if these attachments are stored in an accessible area whereby...
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    Cate hi, we employ the code kindly supplied by...

    Cate hi, we employ the code kindly supplied by Work-wearUK above extensively throughout our site with heavy use on the home page in particular ( Have noted however that mobile...
  4. 'Add To Basket' double button and/or no hover state

    This one finally has me beat I'm afraid.

    When we turn on the 'update quantity' option we get a double button effect. When...
  5. Hi, sorry for being so slow getting back to you....

    Hi, sorry for being so slow getting back to you. Been a bit hectic.
    Thanks a lot for the replies Cate and Greg.
    In answer to your questions Cate, yes I was testing the checkout, trying various...
  6. Shipping Countries Menu Problem (on PC laptop but OK on Mac)

    Can anyone help?

    I'm having an issue with the shipping countries menu in the checkout page. This seems to be related somehow to my laptop. When I use a desktop Mac or Macbook it works perfectly -...
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