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    Hi, More praise from me for Fresh Banana too!...


    More praise from me for Fresh Banana too!

    Having completed the course I can also highly recommend it, and whole heartedly agree with what Zoe has written. The course is well written and...
  2. Shaun, Thanks so much for your reply. Just...


    Thanks so much for your reply. Just set it all up now so hopefully I will get a true reflection of my conversion on GA now.

    Many thanks
  3. Paypal Transactions not showing on Google Analytics?


    I was wondering if anyone could help shed some light on why only transactions paid for by credit/debit cards show on my goggle analytics reports? Paypal transactions do not seem to be...
  4. Win a Kids Scooter - Facebook Competition

    Hi All,

    Just thought we'd let everyone on BP know that we are running a free FB competition to win a stunt scooter. Get your entries in before 22nd February and you might be in with a chance of...
  5. Set-Up Autoresponder Messages for Customers

    Hi Everyone

    Happy new year.

    We would like to set up at least one but possibly a series of autoresponder messages for customers.

    Example - Customer makes a purchase.

    1. Receives the order...
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    Big holiday in order for Rich and Kate me...

    Big holiday in order for Rich and Kate me thinks!! But one thing I have found for our site! I have gone with advise on this forum and set up a new plain glass site and agree that on the Mobil site it...
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    I would also like the Navigation bar to got...

    I would also like the Navigation bar to got across the width of the page as with the site linked above. Can anyone advise how this is done as well?

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    Amend Foooter on Glass Template

    Hi Everyone

    We want to change the template we use to the 'Glass' template but we want the footer colour to go across the full width of the screen rather than just the width of the template.

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    Tracking where my Sales come from....

    Hi All,

    We run an ecommerce site selling kids scooters. I wondered if anyone had any advice about the best reports to use to understand where my buying customers are coming from.

    I can see...
  10. Rich or Kate Can either of you answer this -...

    Rich or Kate

    Can either of you answer this - we really do not want the date of the post showing in the description when appearing in the search results.

  11. Important Blog Question - Removing Date Stamp


    We are making posts on our blogs and they are starting to rank in Google. However, the date of the post is appearing in the meta description. On our other blogs we have always disabled the...
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    Hi Guys Can anyone help with this? ...

    Hi Guys

    Can anyone help with this? Particularly point 1, as we have a lot of posts we want to add, but do not want to add multiple images if we don't need to - I know wordpress does this...
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    A Couple of Blog Questions

    Hi Rich and Cate

    Thanks for setting up the blog, we have been eagerly awaiting for it and now it's here....

    A few questions for you or anyone else who may know the answer.

    Here is our Blog...
  14. Hi Neil, 40 visits are google organic traffic...

    Hi Neil,

    40 visits are google organic traffic . The most popular keyword is ‘stuntscooter/s’. I know my home page ranks well for this keyword but still don’t understand how a search page would....
  15. Hi Neil, Thanks for your reply, but thats...

    Hi Neil,

    Thanks for your reply, but thats kinda my point. I know that the shop by brand/price will show as a /search.html page but you need to be on the home page first to move to a search page,...
  16. Analytics Help - How are search pages ever landing pages??

    Hi Fellow Blue Parkers,

    Apologies if this is a repeat post but the one I thought I'd posted earlier seems to have vanished!!??

    Anyway, there is probably a simple answer to this but could...
  17. Changes to Notification details on Product Page

    Hi All,

    Could anyone tell me if there is a way to change the size and make bold the 'Notify me when this item is available' narrative on my product page?

    See link here...
  18. Thread: Blog Help

    by HaleyCalire

    Hi Cate That's great news - Is there a...

    Hi Cate

    That's great news - Is there a timescale for the blog implementation?

  19. Blue Park Mobile Responsive ?, Mobile Usage Stats and How To Check Your Competition

    Hello Rich / Fellow Blueparkers.

    Not sure if you are aware of Google's Mobile Information Site Here

    Google are stating that by 2014 more people will...
  20. Fellow Blue Parkers - Do you want a chance to 'Win a Stunt Scooter'?

    Hi All,

    I just wanted to share with our fellow Blue Parkers that we are running a competition to win a brand new Slamm Rage Union Jack scooter.

    If you want to enter visit us at ...
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