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  1. Continued

    Ok, so did your internal link count increase so that overall you had a similar number of links?

    You didn't answer my question about rankings though.

    Did you find this answer helpful? ...
  2. Decline in visitors to site following re indexing of inbound links

    Hi Guys,

    Please can anyone help with this thresd I started on the Google Webmaster Central forum

    I made a mistake this time last year and had my site removed from the Google search engine as a...
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    Creating a forum for my site

    Hi, I am Phil Wilkinson owner of which has been hosted on Bluepark since September 2008. I am looking for a bit of help and advice to set up a forum for my customers to...
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    My site penalised by Google

    I have been running now for over 2 years, we have enjoyed very high Google rankings for every page when searched by manufacturer name and/or product part number, last...
  5. Thread: Animated Favicons

    by Phil

    Animated Favicons

    So you have created and set up a favicon, great, why not add to this by creating an animated favicon.

    Start by creating a normal 16 X 16px favicon for your site and get this working, then visit...
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    Spam email from your website - Check this now

    Spammers have found a new toy, they are using the "tell a friend" features of websites and sending out spam, see an example below, check your email log in Bluepark and turn off the tell a friend...
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    Disable right click code

    The code as published by Rich below displays a message re images protected but when the message box is closed the right click menu pops up and is active so the code fails, I have tried a number of...
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