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    Thank you very much! Its worked )) Another...

    Thank you very much! Its worked )) Another question: when I just change the wording and press that button, it is redirecting me to Home page, but I would like it to redirect to shopping page (which...
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    Help with "Return home" on "Basket Page"

    Hi everyone,
    I would like to exchange "Return home" button that appear on the /index/basket page like this: 467 to "Continue shopping" button. Is possible, and if "yes" maybe someone know the way...
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    Hello. I am very new in BP. I've stucked on the...

    Hello. I am very new in BP. I've stucked on the same issue, as in this thread. Can some please review the thread and if possible give an answer (but detailed answer for very newbie ))). Thank you...
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