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    Sage Update TLS 1.2

    Morning All,

    I use Sage Pay to process my payments on my Bluepark website and recently there has been the following message on my Sage Pay Dashboard.
    "TLS 1.2 Update is coming at the end or...
  2. Page Speed Insight Issues with JavaScript and CSS - Who think this needs sorting now?

    Hi All,

    I though it was about time we revisited the Google Page Speed Insight issues relating specifically to Mobile sites.

    My site and others are receiving the "Eliminate render-blocking...
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    Hmmmmm... just checked this out and the course is...

    Hmmmmm... just checked this out and the course is now 495 + VAT. A bit more than a month ago.
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    Hmmm.... just signed a 12 month contract with...

    Hmmm.... just signed a 12 month contract with another company for 100 p/m to provide our mobile site and then the update finally arrives. Could kick myself. Having said that, I set the template...
  5. Thread: VAT Question

    by Tonidc

    VAT Question

    Hi There,

    I am not registered to pay VAT yet as I am still below the threshold and so I do not charge VAT. I had a customer from Ireland who paid by BACS and was charged VAT when he made the...
  6. Sending a copy of the invoice with New Order Confirmation?

    Morning All,

    I would like to add a copy of the invoice to the automatically generated New Order Confirmation email. Is that possible?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    SCAM ALERT - Fake Shipping Company

    Morning All,

    Now I don't know if I am the first person on Bluepark to encounter this scam but I didn't see any other posts about it and I figured even if it's an old one, people are still trying...
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    "Shipped" Problems


    I have an order where I do not have the full qty ordered in stock so I agreed to ship what I do have in stock with the rest to follow. I changed the "shipped" column in order manager to the...
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    Turns out Bing are wrong on many counts. It's...

    Turns out Bing are wrong on many counts. It's also telling me that I have 20 missing Alt Image tags on my home page but when I look at the source data they're all there. It's really frustrating...
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    I have had Bing tell me that my site is being...

    I have had Bing tell me that my site is being marked down because my H1 tag is missing on my Home Page. I am pulling my hair out. Please can someone tell me how to fix this...? I have gone into my...
  11. Feature Request: Multiple Suppliers for single products

    Morning All,

    My site sells a range of branded products (about 2000 at last count without variants, 6000 odd with variants) which I have shipped directly from my supplier to my customer. I have 2...
  12. Thread: Advanced Search

    by Tonidc

    Advanced Search

    Hi all! I have a question about the advanced search feature. I have products that are vastly different from each other and so have vastly different attributes. I am now finding that if I click on...
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    Using a tablet to edit & maintain site?

    Hi... has anyone tried using a tablet, particularly Galaxy tab, to maintain/edit their site. I want to buy one to help with the site management but it would be useless if I was unable to use it to...
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