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    Not good Bluepark!

    I've had several websites with Bluepark over the years and had no problems whatsoever.

    My present website is being put on the back burner for a few months due to another project, so I've moved to...
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    Shipping Method based on Weight AND Value??


    I've tried to work this out but it's getting a bit complex and I wonder if any other Bluepark users have already done this and can make my life a little easier?

    I need to create a shipping...
  3. Hi ThomasMurray, That seems to have done the...

    Hi ThomasMurray,

    That seems to have done the trick! I changed the fulfillment days to 0 and it now works fine. I have no real reason to put a fulfillment day in so I'll just leave it at zero.
  4. "The delivery method you have specified is invalid for your location"


    We have certain products on our website that are presently out of stock, but in production and will be available soon.

    The site is set to accept orders when items are out of stock, but...
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    Font Size Dilemma!


    Having a bit of a problem with the new wysiwyg editor and wonder if anyone can help.

    In Template Editor, I have set the 'Main Font Size' of the centre columns to 13pt as this seems to be...
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    Frustrating Footer Problem!


    Having a few problems with the footer and can't work out what's going wrong.

    Our site is a fixed width 960px and everything is fine. However, I want to extend the footer the full width of...
  7. Work's a treat! Thanks Gill :)

    Work's a treat!

    Thanks Gill :)
  8. How to put "rel=nofollow" Links in New WYSIWYG Editor

    I must be missing something somewhere!

    We're writing some blog posts and want hyperlinks to be 'nofollow' links.

    I can't see a way to do this in the new Bluepark editor!

    Can somebody point...
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    ALT Tags on Product Images

    I've looked through the forums and can see that this has come up quite a few times, but I can't really find the answer I am looking for.

    I'd like to add my own ALT tags to my product images - is...
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