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  1. Thread: Server Issues?

    by Dudley

    Any ETA yet?

    Richard is always hugely helpful and I have every confidence he is trying his best, but we are getting a tad frantic now.

    Any ETA Richard? Do these Rapidswitch whoever they are need a good...
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    Special Prices by customer/item

    We are thinking of using our Blue Park site for many more customers who have special prices. We are a bit concerned that we might set customers up and then lose track of which customers/ which...
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    Sagepay/ paypal

    At we use Sagepay and Paypal. Some people now want to use Paypal but many more use a card. We accept all bar Amex-which is ridiculous cost.


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    Part Shipment of Orders

    We are a new user to Blue Park, and generally very pleased with the system and support. However there is one area where we are very concerned. We have thousands of SKUs. A common occurrence is that...
  5. We are a new user on Blue Park and generally very...

    We are a new user on Blue Park and generally very pleased with the system but Part Shipment is an area where we are very concerned.

    Because we supply consumables across massive numbers of SKUs...
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    The recommended action is to push the recipient...

    The recommended action is to push the recipient to kick and scream like mad to the PO, as that is the ONLY party that the PO takes any notice of. As far as the PO are concerned the sender has no...
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