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  1. Communicating Order updates to our ERP System - Having Problems

    Is there a way to set up data scheduling so it only exports orders that are marked as paid?

    Currently all orders seem to be exporting whether they are marked as paid or not (we obviously don't...
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    Thanks Dave, you have made my Day! Didn't...

    Thanks Dave, you have made my Day!

    Didn't think it was possible!
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    Site Search - New Feature Request

    Please can I request additional functionality to the BluePark in site search.

    It would be great if it could search all site content including blog post - not just products.

    Any chance this...
  4. Can I decrease the padding?

    Thanks for the response,

    Do you know if I can decrease the padding between the publish date and the post title?

  5. How do I remove the date from the Recent Posts block?

    How do I remove the date from the Recent Posts block?

    I am sure its pretty simple, just can't see the option.

    Any help much appreciated?

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    Rollover Image Buttons

    Good afternoon everyone,

    Just a quick tech question.

    Does anyone use buttons on their BP site with a rollover state?

    If so please could you let me know the easiest way to incorporate buttons...
  7. Wordpress Blog on a Subdomain - Help please

    Hi All,

    I have noticed there are a few of you Bluepark users out there who have a Wordpress blog running on the subdomain of your Bluepark shop.

    For example
  8. Blue Park News or Word Press Blog - Which is better?

    Hi everyone,

    Please can anyone advise, I am currently re-designing my website / blog which has seperately hosted ecoms currently in EKM Powershop using Blue Park to try and bring all these...
  9. Thanks Sarah, much appreciated I will give that a...

    Thanks Sarah, much appreciated I will give that a go!!
  10. Awarding Loyalty points to all customers in one go


    I would like to thank all my customers in january by awarding them all 500 points.

    Is there a way of doing this in one go? I don't want to have to add the points manually for each customer,...
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    I thought that might be the case, thanks for the...

    I thought that might be the case, thanks for the reply!
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    Exporting Specific Order Fields

    When exporting a batch of orders, does anyone know whether it is possible to select exactly which fields you want to export.

    I only need to export: Order Date, Invoice Number, Order Total, VAT,...
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