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    From our experience if there is a discrepancy...

    From our experience if there is a discrepancy with the Billing address you are opening yourself up to a chargeback should a dispute be logged. Without the added level of verification, YOU are making...
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    We have use WorldPay from the very start. Two...

    We have use WorldPay from the very start. Two things worth mentioning:
    1. Pay the additional fee for verification - Fraud prevention.
    2. Always check that the "Billing Address" has no errors or...
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    Morning Gazza! You do make me laugh mate.

    Morning Gazza!
    You do make me laugh mate.
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    1,842 by Visa and MasterPass by MasterCard

    Our payment processing partner WorldPay have recently implimented two new "on-line payment wallets". This allows potential customers to store their card data - like Google Wallet - removing the need...
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    Notification request

    Just a thought really: We recently had around 60 customers who requested notification of when a product become available.
    That great and the system work brilliantly - in fact we sold out within 2...
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    Hi Guys; I'm struggling here. I've added a...

    Hi Guys;

    I'm struggling here.

    I've added a new discount which should apply a discount to a small range of products IF you share your purchase on Facebook.
    Sounds easy BUT the message at...
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    Facebook Login - Am I going mad!

    Evening Guys and Girls;

    I can't afford to loose any more hair on this now, so I desperation Im posting here for help.

    I just can't get the Facebook Login thing to work.
    Sure I've got the...
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