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Thread: Google Crawl Errors

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    Default Google Crawl Errors

    I have been analysing the results of Googles Webmaster Tools. We appear to be getting a high number of links appearing as 404 Not Found. We have these tools set up for some time without any issues, submitted our sitemap etc.

    However, its reporting errors in our sitemap (I thought this was dynamically updated). It's also making up URL's (such as, which I believe is to do with ordering?) which do not appear as direct references on the page.

    Anyone else getting similar errors? Do we need to worry?

    Jonathan Read

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    I occasionally get exactly such errors saying it can't find very weird url's. Sorry no idea why or if it should be a worry !

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    I have always assumed that they are Bluepark system generated urls which are created during a customer's use of the checkout process, wishlists etc. They have never caused me a problem, and disappear after a while.

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