Hi all,

just getting round to trying to integrate Quickbooks and discovered that it doesn't seem it will work for us.

We take payment by Paypal on site and a few GC, up till now all our sales go through an Epos system and are entered in Quickbooks as a daily sale total, this is shown in Quickbooks as Accounts Receivable, then as the cash comes in from Paypal or GC the bulk amount is entered in QB against this balance. The customer is a generic "Websales" (going back to our B&M days)

The problem is now with trying to use Bluepark integration, it is only possible to export 'Sales receipts, invoices and payments' - 'Sales receipts only' or 'Invoices and payments only' , all of these options presume that payment has been made and pass the payments through to Quickbooks.
There is no option to export Invoices only and enter the payments days later when the cash comes in from whatever payment provider you use, this is incorrect as the payment for each sale is never the total amount of the order, it is less any charges made and comes into your bank account as a lump sum each day.

Has anyone got Quickbooks/Bluepark working with a Generic customer for all sales? if so how do you handle the integration and does it work?