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Thread: Viewing sales stats for 2007

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    Default Viewing sales stats for 2007

    Hi, im not sure if it's just me being a dafty but I can't seem to view my sales stats for 2007. There's a drop down box at the top of the sales stats page that lets me select the year I wish to view but it only has 2008 available to select. Is it something that I've overlooked?


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    Don't think you are going mad John. Mine only has 2008 but I only went live this month so would not expect 2007 to appear.

    Where I worked before we used Bluepark on something like 6 sites and did not have any problems viewing the stats for previous years.

    Have you deleted the 2007 orders from the order manager? If so this would explain why!



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    The problem was very unusual, something I haven't seen before. Order PO1033 didn't have an order date associated with it. I'd be very interested to know if anything comes to mind regarding the way this particular order was completed or processed.
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    Thanks guys, I haven't deleted any of my orders yet as my shop has only been open for a couple of months so I don't have a ton of orders anyway. I'd like to be able to view my total sales stats though for December 2007.

    Rich, order PO1033 dosn't have an order date as that was my 1st sale outside of UK and it showed as though there was no items in the customers shopping cart (even though the customer had ordered and paid for items) so I had to manually edit their basket. There was a problem with the settings linking it to Paypal which hopefully is now resolved for future orders outside of UK.


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