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    Hello (again, sorry!)

    Im currently using Paypal only to checkout with - Is it possible to get the auto generated invoice to deduct the Paypal fee - so the amount hitting my bank account will match the invoice exactly? The book-keepers want it ....

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    If you download your orders every month using the CSV function and then using Excel remove the columns you don't want, you could also add an extra column and create a formula to subtract the PayPal fee from the Order Total - e.g. subtract 3.4% + 20p per transaction.

    You could write an Excel macro to do this automatically.

    As far as I know, BP doesn't store the PayPal fee, only the fact that the payment method was by PayPal.

    Alternatively, you can download your PayPal history from PayPal itself in a CSV/Excel format and give that to the accountant.

    If you are really clever, you could match the 2 spreadsheets and merge the information into a 3rd sheet (match on Order Number)

    But the information is not readily available in BP (as far as I'm aware).

    Finally, the accountant might not require this information at Order level but may be happy with just one overall figure for the month in which case subtract 3.4% from the total Orders + 20p per transaction..

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