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Thread: Merging Sites to one BP account

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    Default Merging Sites to one BP account

    Hi, can anyone help with this?

    We have decided to move one of our other non-Bluepark sites to Bluepark but I really want to host it as a 'micro site' that is part of our existing Bluepark site. This is to improve admin (one order manager / product manager, much less work etc).

    I see we can use a different BP template for a specific category, coupled with classing that category as a 'department' in the category manager. This gives us more or less a separate website which can look totally different to our main site which is great.

    I also see I can use a CNAME in dns to make an alias of

    But what I really want to know is how can I make an alias of

    i.e. when the customer goes to it points to but keeping in the address bar. (mainsite being the Bluepark site)

    Any ideas?

    Regards, Ashley

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    Don't think you can do this I am afraid. You really need e-commerce which allows you to control multiple domains from a single admin control panel and this is not currently possible in BP. It has been raised a few times but whether its on BP roadmap for future development I can't say.

    Suggest you perhaps drop BP an e-mail to see.


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    On this topic it's quite interesting what you can achieve just by having a completely different template for a category. The template now carries through to the basket as well. We've basically got several completely different sites running on one BP site. If you have two different BP sites, try copying the templates from the different sites to one site. Then create new categories and mark as a department - this prevents you from seeing one category from another. You end up with two sites.

    It is not totally perfect, the main draw backs are:

    1. You can only use one domain
    2. When you get to the actual check-out pages you must have a common (generic) template.

    From our point of view, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, it's so much easier to manage one site. But I would love to see the circle completed and some kind of multi-domain manager incorporated into BP, where we could point a second domain to the firstdomain/category.html In fact this would encourage me to have more domains. I assume this would need to be a chargeable add-on to Bluepark.

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