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    Hi All

    Just a general question really on how you all handle backorders etc.

    I currently prevent backorders being placed, but I've noticed recently people adding the exact quantity i have in stock to the basket (and then going idle and not checking out).... I realized they aren't necessarily adding the number i have in stock to the basket, but BP is adjusting it to match my stock.

    My concern is i don't want to miss out on larger orders, but then i don't want people ordering one more than i have in stock and me having to order from suppliers (hence preventing backorders).

    I sense i'm asking an impossible question - Can anybody think of a solution? I have adjusted the language editor to "The quantity you require exceeds current availability. Email to proceed."

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    Perhaps these people have no intention of ordering. They have just put a very high figure into the quantity box, the system has rightly adjusted that figure downwards to match you current stock and the customer has left it at that. These people may just be "playing" with your site.

    If you are concerned you are missing out on larger orders you could display the quantity available as part of your "in stock" availability message so people know the maximum they can order. Some sellers prefer to hide their quantities, however, for whatever reason.

    I wouldnt put your email address in the language file as spammers may pick up on this. Just put "Contact us (without an email address) to proceed".

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