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Thread: 3 for set price promo - how would I set this up?

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    Default 3 for set price promo - how would I set this up?

    How would I best set this type of promotion up?
    I have some dog treats that retail singularly at 40p and Iwant to do a “3 for £1” offer
    I have set up a promotion in Discount Manager based on “DefineQuantity Based threshold” , with a threshold type of Units (buy 3) and discounttype of value (£1 instead of £1.20)
    I have assigned the promotion to the single SKU in question
    It’s thresholds I’m struggling with
    Do I put in thresholds
    From (Units) 1 tounits (1) = £0 discount
    From (Units) 2 tounits (2) = £0 discount
    From (Units) 3 tounits (3) = £0.0667 discount
    From (Units) 4 tounits (4) = £0 discount
    From (units) 5 tounits (5) = £0 discount
    From (units) 6 tounits (6) = £0.0667 discount
    If someone buys 3 or 6 units I can see that they wouldachieve the discount, however what if they buy 4 units ? Will the £0 discount apply to all 4 units?
    Ideally it needs to apply a discount for the first three andno discount to the fourth
    Does anyone have any suggestions how this may be best setup?
    Thanks if you can help

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    Just had another thought… should the discount be set at 6.7p(ie the discount per sku) or the total discount i.e. 20p?

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    It's OK - I have sorted it out
    It's 1 to 1 = nil disc
    2 to 2 = nil disc
    3 to 3 = 20p disc
    4 to 4 = 20p disc
    5 to 5 = 20p disc
    6 to 6 = 40p disc

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