Hi All

By the end of today I am hoping to finish updating my website but there's one thing I just can't crack - the product detail page.

My understanding is that it must use the same template as the category page so I need to bear in mind the styles I've set for that.

I want to customise the product detail and product action code but each time I try and add inline CSS in the custom vode tab it ignores it or come back with unexpected results. There seems to be styles inherited from loads of other CSS that are not ones I've added.

Does anyone have any example code where they have stripped these pages right back and added a custom style to each asset - especially the IFs? Or where a new table has been created so I can add more columns, span columns and not inherit the default table CSS?

Ultimately I will want to amend the style of the quantity input field and the variable drop down menu and vertically align the price, variable dropdown,quantity input and add button, but just simple font styles on the header, price, additional information etc would be good for now!

Thank you in advance.