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Thread: Please Help - Tabs containing product attributes.

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    Default Please Help - Tabs containing product attributes.

    Can anyone help me.

    I am trying to get as much information for my products as possible in an organised format for the user. I have turned on tabs and currently have working- Information, manufacturer links, customer reviews.

    The tabs generate themselves from info in the product.

    However The Specifications tab I have had to create manually. I wanted it to be able to get it's information from the attributes as going forwards I want to be able to use the compare feature in bluepark and therefore need the attributes set. However I do not want all the attributes visible under the add to basket button as some products will have quite a lot of them but I do want them all to be visible on my specifications tab.

    To summarise I am trying to show only some select attributes under the add to basket button and I am trying to create a tab which generates my specifications from the attributes. This will save me having to manually create the HTML for my specification tab for every product. Instead I could just concentrate on getting the attributes correct and it will halve my workload, allow the compare function to work well yet keep as higher user experience as possible by having the specifications tab.

    I do not have all the tabs on with all products yet but here is an example of one in use.
    Information Tab - Taken from Description in the product.
    Manufacturer Links Tab - Taken from Custom content in the product.

    Specifications Tab - Currently taken from custom content in the product but whant this to generate dynamically from the attributes. Is this possible? Do the attributes have variables? Does anyone know if this can be done? - Example

    Is this going to be possible. Or will I have to use both the attributes for compare and write HTML for all the Specifications to appear in the tab?

    Any help will be received with immense gratitude.

    Many Thanks
    Simon - Computer Component Online Retailer.

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    If you want to do any of the following in a tab just put the code in on the create a tab so for example i want the attributes so in the box i put %product_attributes.


    Page content
    %product_additional: Additional content
    %product_attributes: Product attributes
    %product_reviews: Product reviews
    %product_reviews_total: Reviews total (for tab title)
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