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Thread: New site, Saturday delivery date problems

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    Default New site, Saturday delivery date problems

    I seem to be getting an anomoly with my shipping rules. To replicate:

    1) Go here:
    2) Add any item to the basket
    3) View the basket
    4) Select the Saturday delivery

    Now, if you're seeing what I'm seeing, it's saying "Order before 3:30pm to receive your order on Saturday 15 September 2012 (In stock items only)".

    So, it's correctly identifying that the Saturday delivery should arrive on a Saturday (as sun-fri have been excluded as delivery days), but why is it saying the 15th??? Why not the 8th?

    Fulfillment is 1; Named days is 0; cut-off is 15:30; exlude is all days except SAT;

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    for the saturday pre12 delivery?

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    Its a double edged sword.

    "Exclude Shipping Dates" actually means you don't Deliver on those dates. However, if you don't Deliver on a Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, or Sun you can't Ship on those days either, so you can only Ship on a Saturday for (next day) delivery the following Saturday. Bizarre but true.

    Forgot to say ... if you remove FRI from your exclude list of dates, it will pick the closest SAT delivery date as you can Ship on a FRI for next day SAT delivery.

    Me again ... Strictly speaking to deliver next day (for a Saturday) you need to have FRI in your list as a Shipping day. However, if you have FRI and SAT in your list and you order (and Ship) on a SAT, the next (available) day for delivery is FRI not SAT as the Shipping Method is for.

    Hope I haven't confused too many people!
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    But if I then leave friday as a shipping day, then if someone chose saturday delivery on a thursday (or earlier) wouldn't it say the delivery date is friday as that's now a valid delivery day? That may not seem like something someone would usually want to do (people would only generally pay for saturday delivery on a friday because they can't wait until monday) - but it there maybe some cases where someone orders earlier in the week and specifically wants a saturday delivery because they will not be around to accept delivery until the weekend. If it then says the saturday delivery will be on friday that will confuse things no end.

    So is there any way to set this up so it will actually work the way I want? ie. what everday it is a saturday delivery is always on the next available saturday?

    I can fudge it by just hardcoding the description, but that's kind of missing the point...

    "Order before <b>3:30pm on Friday</b> to receive your order on <B>Saturday</B> (In stock items only)"

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    There is a solution for this.

    You can create a "Saturday" delivery option by setting the Fulfilment Days to 1, the Named Days to 7, and the Excluded Shipping Dates to:


    This will give the customer a delivery date of the coming Saturday.
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    ok, that appears to work - but why? The only difference from my original setup is the named days - but I thought that did something completely different.

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