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Thread: iPhone, Facebook, giving stuff away and other technical 'issues'

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    Question iPhone, Facebook, giving stuff away and other technical 'issues'

    Good morning everyone, technophobe back with more questions....

    First - Facebook Ap for the button for people to log in. I have followed the links as suggested here: But it's just not working. Can someone tell me how I create a new ap because I cannot seem to get into the development page, it just defaults me back to my Facebook Timeline when I press on the Aps option. Do I have to have a certain number of followers or have I set the page up incorrectly?

    I did have it linked to my own page (and I set up a page) but there are things I talk about on there that I would not want customers to see so I have separated them and so am pretty much starting over again. How have you gained more likes and referrals?

    What about giving something away if people like me on Facebook? Will people do anything for free chocolate? Am I allowed to give branded chocolate away without asking the brands permission? And is there a way I can do this via Facebook as in collecting names and addresses and them putting them into my Users screen? Too many questions, sorry.

    So now..... orders via iPhones. I had someone tell me that they did not see the estimated delivery date when they ordered from their iPhone. The page is quite small when I checked on my husbands page. I also had someone tell me yesterday and that they were having problems with PayPal checkout and today they placed the order then complained again that there was 'problems with me online ordering system'. I have no idea what the problem was and asked but got no reply (did wonder if it was a competitor complaining for the sake of complaining), just waiting for them to get back to me - but I thought I would see if there was any issues with ordering by phone that other people may have encountered or whether I was a bit behind and had not done something.

    Thanks for reading.

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    If you are looking at giving away freebies to say thank you for your customers, and are thinking of giving away chocoalte, you may find this interesting.
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    Hi pinkypie

    To set up the facebook app you need to be using a personal facebook profile, not a business page. Log into your personal facebook and set up the app through there, then follow the instructions from there. The app doesn't interfere with your personal FB at all.
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