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Thread: protx server - simulation/test mode

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    Default protx server - simulation/test mode

    I am having bit problem with regard to protx simulation/testing mode.

    This topic has been raised previously here:

    I have opened the protx simulator account, have set "account setting", "valid IP addresses for this account" under the simulator account. In terms of Bluepark settings, "credit card processor" is now "Protx VSP Server".

    I have tried to purchase my own product but it says;

    "Unfortunately your purchase has not been successfully approved. No payment has been made.
    4000 : The VendorName is invalid or the account is not active.

    If you wish, you may attempt to place this order again."

    I just feel that I have problem with the "account setting" of the simulator account, but don't really know what I need to do.

    I would appreciate any help.

    Thank you.


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    Due to regular confusion between Simulation and Test modes, we've removed Simulation from the list (there's really no need for it outside of a development environment).

    You can obtain a Test account from Protx without entering into a contract with them, you simply need to begin the application process.
    Developer :: Bluepark Solutions

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    Thank you for your quick response, Rich.

    Could I ask you where I could obtain a Test account?
    (or simulator account is the same as the test account?)

    Sorry for being pain,,.


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    A Test account is a different type of account. You need to begin the Protx application process here:

    Protx Application
    Developer :: Bluepark Solutions

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