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Thread: Add to Basket and Wishlist Buttons not working

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    Default Add to Basket and Wishlist Buttons not working

    I am trying to get the site looking how i want it to and learn now blue park works before i import all my products, and i have been reading the forums and learning how to change things to get the look something like how i want it since I am no longer in the position of getting the site designed for me.

    Now though i have somehow done something to the add to basket and wish list buttons, as neither are working. I have no idea what i have done for this to happen.

    nothing is in order yet and i know it has a lot of work yet to be done before i can start to import the items ( i have only done one correct at this moment)

    Also is there a way i can save the template so if i do happen to mess something up i can do a 'system restore' and go back to where it was actually working

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    Seem to be working now, so I guess you found a solution.

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    I can't find any issue with your Wishlist and Add to Basket buttons currently. However on an unrelated note your background image will need resizing and optimizing, it is currently over 3000 px and 3meg in size.

    I also recommend decreasing your product images and optimizing them as well. More information on web image optimization can be found here
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    A bit off topic, but do people use wish lists? I'm not sure I know what they are for??

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    it was a problem with the fabric calculator, I think i have got it to work now without having to remove it.

    Thanks for the heads up on the background, i couldn't get the image smaller without making it tiled and it didn't match so i have removed it for now until i can find a one that i can tile. I will look at optimising too as i use photoshop so should be ok.

    I am moving from shopify as the wish list facility is rubbish as people can not search someones list and send RAK's ( Random Act of Kindness) to other people, and i have been missing out on sales. I use social media a lot and I have asked what is important for a customer and this was high up on the list. it seems the way forward.
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