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Thread: Font Size Dilemma!

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    Question Font Size Dilemma!


    Having a bit of a problem with the new wysiwyg editor and wonder if anyone can help.

    In Template Editor, I have set the 'Main Font Size' of the centre columns to 13pt as this seems to be the best size. 12pt is a bit small on the screen and 14pt a bit big.

    However, when using the 'page content' wysywig editor to create our product descriptions, some of the text has been changed to 12pt somewhere down the line. I'd like to change this back to the default centre column 'main font size' as set in the Template Editor, but there appears to be no way of doing this.

    The drop down font size selector only has 12pt and 14pt available with no 13pt, so I can't even set it back to 13pt using the editor.

    Is there a way of resetting the font size back to the site default size from within the wysiwyg editor or any other way of getting all our product descriptions to have the same font size throughout our site?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Yes I also had some fonts that seemed to change on their own accord, I think it was to do with the installation of the interim and new WYSIWYG editors, I had to fiddle around quite a bit, I ended taking out the whole text, put it in notepad and then copy back from there. It is annoying that there isn't in between 12 and 14 pt but I don't know how to get round that. Perhaps somebody else on here has some answers? Maybe you can change it in the source code bit of the editor.

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    If you use the wysiwyg editor to change the text size to 12px or 14px you can then go into the source editor to change this to 13px.

    Select the text you want to resize and use the wysiwyg text size drop down to select 12px or 14px. Save. Then open the source editor. You will see something like:

    <p><span style="font-size:12px;">Sorry - Sold Out. New stock is due by the end of February.</span></p>
    Change the 12px to 13px and save.

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