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    I do not know if I am doing something wrong or have missed something but I am having difficulty with bundled products.

    We have a number of products which are only ever sold as a bundle, i.e. sold as one item but purchased as two, and are experiencing some issues. The phantom is the one with the image, price and attributes the bundled items are just there to give us the correct SKU's.

    Firstly the bundle is shown on the product page as a pair of check boxes under a heading of "You may also like", which gives the customer an opportunity to remove one or both of the items.

    Secondly as the bundle is shown as 3 entries on the basket page, along with the quantity and price, there is an opportunity for a customer to remove the bundled items in the mistaken belief they have ordered 2.

    As both of these would result in us only having a partial order placed we stand the chance of having to put these orders right and leaving the customer confused.

    Ideally we would not need to show the bundled items at all as they do not exits in their own right as saleable items.

    Any ideas on where I have gone wrong or workarounds if this how it is supposed to work?

    Thanks in advance


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    If yo have 3 different items that make up the bundle, but are not available individually, then just make that group of items a product, such as Knife, Fork and Spoon, so you have a product called Eating Tools.

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    Hi Steve

    That is what I thought I had done, but I set up another bundle which worked, so I have now completed all of the ones needed at the moment.

    I think that where I went wrong was I looked at it from the wrong end, the items were part of a bundle rather than the phantom item being a bundle of existing items.

    Still, you live and learn.

    Thanks for getting back to me


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