I'm trying to set up a 15% discount for 5 different products which is only available to our trade user group.

In the admin manager I've set the discount as follows:-

Change prices by percentage
QUalifying pricing codes = none (select products)
coupon code = spring
I've specified the start date and finish date (today until next Sunday)
Threshold type = value

Thresholds tab = 0.01 to + = 15%

Products tab - I've specified the 5 products that qualify for the discount

When I'm testing it the code shows in the shopping cart after I've typed it in, but the prices aren't showing the discount. Not sure what I've done wrong - does the fact that the we have a minimum order value for our trade users affect it ? I've added enough products that would take me over the minimum order value, but the discount still isn't showing when I use the code

Any ideas ?