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Thread: Adding Credit to a users/customers account

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    Default Adding Credit to a users/customers account

    Hi Guys,

    When a customer has a warranty issue and needs a replacement product, I'd like to be able to add credit to their account so they can book up a new product for themselves.

    I've browsed the 'User Editor' part of the admin console but I cannot find any way to do this.

    Can anybody advise me if this is actually possible.

    Many Thanks,

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    I don't think this is something that can be done directly, three options I can think of are:

    1. Add the equivalent amount of loyalty points to their account and ask them to check out using them.

    2. Set them up as a credit account and set their credit limit to the amount required.

    3. Create a gift voucher to the value required and send them the code.

    Maybe someone has a better idea...?

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