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Thread: New EU VAT rules - impact on Bluepark platform?

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    Default New EU VAT rules - impact on Bluepark platform?

    These changes will affect UK B2C businesses selling digital products to customers in EU countries from 1 Jan 2015. Currently the VAT rate charged is based on the supplier's location (e.g. the UK). However, the new rules require that the supplier charges the VAT rate which is applicable to the customer's location. For example, a customer based in Germany must be charged that country's VAT rate (currently 19%).

    I'm not VAT expert (and our BP site is not yet live), but we do sell eBooks to customers in EU countries and I was wondering if the BP platform would be able to deal with multiple VAT rates across Europe? Also, in the case of publishers (which we are), the new rules apply to eBooks, digital products and other VATable services. I'm wondering if this might include shipping costs on orders that contain physical products, but could be wrong and will need to explore further.

    Just a head's up, as they say!

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    As far as I'm aware you can set a different VAT rate per country in Site > Tax Rules.

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    We are aware of the new EU B2C VAT Rules and there are some system changes needed to accommodate them. These are currently in hand.
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    That's good to hear. Are the changes intended to handle the multiple VAT rate/place of supply issue when a customer places an order that includes physical products as well as electronic ones? It seems to me that that is one of the really awkward cases, since (as I understand it) the physical products will be subject to the normal general rule on place of supply (i.e. VAT at supplier's rate in supplier's country - so long as you're under the distance selling thresholds) while the electronic products will be subject to the new rules (i.e. VAT at customer's rate in customer's country).

    I think we all know who the EU are going after with this, but it's been very badly thought out, shows a shortage of technical understanding and is a damned nuisance to the rest of us!

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    To read about the changes we have made to accommodate the new EU VAT rules for selling digital services, please see our Latest Updates page:
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