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Thread: Products, Discounts and Variants

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    Default Products, Discounts and Variants


    I am currently putting my site together on Bluepark.

    I have a product which comes in 2 different sizes. 200m and 400m. Each has their own code with the manufacturer.

    So what I need to do is have the product to show the choice. I am assuming this is the Variant option in the product manager.

    I then want to apply a discount for quantity but only on the 400m variant i.e Buy 3 Save 12.00.

    The problem seems to be that the Discount Manager does not see the variant as a product even though it has its own SKU.

    Is there any way to do this on Bluepark?

    Thank you

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    Either make 2 products 200/400 and apply discount to one or make 3 x 400 a variant as well at the discount price (works OK we have done it a few times.)
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    Hi Graham,

    Thanks for your reply. I thought that may be the case. Just wanted to make it simple for the customer so they choose one product and the choices are simple.

    The downside of having a 3 x Variant (unless there is another way) is that if stock control is implemented then the system will need stock for both variants where I really need it to draw from all of the 400m stock. Also the customer will have to work out if it really is a good deal.

    To have two products of the same just makes it a harder for the customer to compare the different options, but is what I have used on my other site.

    It is a shame that you cannot add the items as a top level product and then allocate them to a choice (variant). I would have thought this would have been a logical thing to have considering that you can give a variant its own SKU and stock.

    My original site software could sort of do part of what I wanted, by allocating a product to a choice. but would not display the stock available until the customer actually added to the cart to then be told that there was not enough in stock. Also I am finding, since mobile friendly became all the rage, that the software is now buggy and beyond me.

    Will just have to manage for now.

    Maybe one for the wish list.

    Kind Regards


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