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Thread: Feature Request: Extra Custom Values That Can be Set To Variants

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    Default Feature Request: Extra Custom Values That Can be Set To Variants

    Hi all,

    I am just putting the idea forward of having a few custom values that we can set for each product variant. At the moment I am using the barcode element to show the overall width of our shelving bays and the weight element to show the shelf capacity of each bay. These values vary depending upon the size selected so at the moment this works great but when I want to use the weight or barcode values as intended I will be stuck.


    As you can see we have a lot of options which affect certain values that we show.

    The attributes function is awesome but it doesn't work when variants affect the value of the attribute.

    Just an idea, maybe we could have Custom1 & Custom2 elements added to the database that we can set the values within the Variant table?

    EZR Shelving & Racking

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    I have a few products that I would like the variants to be a seperate product within one product with choices (If that makes sense)

    i.e Choice is 200m or 400m.

    As the system works at the momement variants have their own SKU, Price, barcode and stock but the system does not see them as seperate products. So for example you cannot add special offers on one of the variants. i.e buy 3 x 400m and Save £xx.xx.

    It has been suggested to add a third variant of 3 x 400m but this will not pull from the 400m stock.

    What it needs is to be able to allocate a product as a choice within a dummy product. Choose the 400m choice and that pulls the info from the hidden (or not hidden if you want to display it elsewhere) product to be displayed. The variants are almost that but not quite.

    Another shop software I have used had where you could give a choice and you could add a hidden product to the different choices but did not pull through the other info. Also it did not display available stock until the customer added too many to the cart.

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    I would also like to see some changes to Variants in the following manner, I have a product which is a pair of letter cufflinks, I am unable to stock control this item due to the way variants work together, I cannot just have 2 letter A in stock, I need to have all combinations of the variant so for what should be 2 x 26 (left and right arm) I need to have 26 x 26 (676) items in stock to make up the set. ie:





    which is not practically in any sense.

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    What you would need for the cufflinks would be a drop down choice for left and one for right, although you may get the odd person return them because they ordered them wrong way round.

    Both would be pre-set for A. They would then make their choice. If the choice was attributed to a product then you could stock control each individual letter.

    Sellerdeck offers a lot of choice in the way of components, attributes and choices but falls short on lots of other areas. If Bluepark could offer this combined with their already excellent service it would certainly be a winner.

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