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Thread: Going Live

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    I have to agree with some of the comments re the look of the site, the functionality of the site is superb as are 99% of BluePark sites but this is an arty style product.
    This reply is more to suggest that Blue Park could offer some nice templates at a cost of course. I've said it before that if one or two of the superb website designers who work with us on here built a few cool looking templates and split the revenue someway with BP it would be a great success. Im sure BP are doing very well as a business but the lack of good templates right out of the box so very nearly put me off coming here. Obviously i'm so happy I did end up here though.

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    I did suggest earlier on this thread that we draw a line under this, but it seems we still have to discuss how my site would be better with XXX.

    I've had to put a lot of work into changing over to this cart and really liked it. All I wanted was a site that was functional, did the job and was something I could get up and running with fairly easily (still some 800 products to add) and quickly while finding my way around, but clearly I'm wrong.

    Its beginning to feel like this forum is a place for plugging this friend or that relatives expertise in this web design or that web design. All I can say is there must be a few people on a percentage somewhere.

    Its off putting to say the least when starting out with a new site and cart, where your confidence is at a low in the first place in being sure that everything is running correctly. I'm beginning to wish I'd signed up elsewhere to be honest.

    I'm not posting any further on this forum if I can avoid it as I don't need my confidence crushing any further.

    Thank you for those that have been encouraging.

    Bye, bye.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raineshoe View Post
    Its beginning to feel like this forum is a place for plugging this friend or that relatives expertise in this web design or that web design. All I can say is there must be a few people on a percentage somewhere..
    Sorry but that's compete and utter rubbish. This forum contains a wealth of knowledge from both novice and experienced Blueparkers which over the years has helped many. When I started with Bluepark 8 years ago I heavily relied on the knowledge, experience and help of other forum members. If you can't see that perhaps you should look through the forum and see how good it is compared to others.

    Just because you didn't like the constructive criticism of a couple of people who were trying to help please don't get on a big downer on the Bluepark Software, the forum and its members.


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    Let's all be friends

    ps. Happy Mother's Day everyone! We're off for a lie down in a darkened room shortly, shattered!!

    Please give us a follow on Google+ We'll follow you back

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