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Thread: Help with International shipping

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    Default Help with International shipping

    I've just taken an order with billing address and delivery address USA but shipping has been charged at UK rate.

    I don't know how this has happened as I've just tried a test order putting USA addresses in and the system won't allow me to proceed without selecting international airmail shipping rate ( when I try to proceed with UK rate it shows a message saying UK rate is invalid and to select alternative shipping rate)

    Can anyone help, please?

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    Nothing comes to mind but have you added exactly the same product(s) to your basket as they did? Sometimes individual products can have mistakes in their shipping config

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    Hello Jane,

    I’ve had this happen twice: once with an order to India (we don't ship to India), and once with an order to the US (where we do ship).

    With the order to India, the potential buyer had been foxed once when he used his correct address. As there's no shipping rate setup for India, the system didn’t allow him to process his order.

    Attempt two though, he simply used the same address with one exception – he changed the country to United Kingdom! Hey presto, he could place his order, which I then had to cancel and explain why.

    With the order to the US, the customer clearly didn’t like the cost of postage and changed his country to the UK to get a cheaper rate. In this case, an email explaining the ‘mistake’ and charging a supplementary postage charge sorted the matter out.

    I’m not saying either of the above happened in your case, but these are my only experiences of international shipping anomalies.

    Best wishes,


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    Thanks, both.
    Rich has had a look at this and thinks customer must have gone back to basket after paying but without closing PayPal and changed the shipping to UK rate. She had actually paid the full amount (which I hadn't realised at first) for the international shipping so I didn't have to cancel. So it was maybe a belated attempt to reduce postage cost.
    Bit weird!

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