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Thread: ADR Components and is Closing Down

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    Unhappy ADR Components and is Closing Down

    Hello all,
    Just confirming what some suspect and that is we are closing down our B&M and online store.
    Firstly it has been a pleasure working within the BluePark framework, but as you may gather, forces beyond our control were at play.
    The following link will explain most of the issues, but I thought I would drop you a line to explain procedure... especially if anyone fancies a bid on the url and intellectual property.
    I have to resolve/state the underlying reasons first before I bow out. Therefore a reserve is placed on the price, if Google are not honourable (don't hold your breath) then phase 2 is to put it up for general bidding, customer data would have to be wiped because that can only be transferred by a business sale.
    keep an eye on it if interested and share with your friends if the 'message' (back-story) resonates:
    Good luck all for the future.
    Best regards
    Don't follow me on Twitter - You have been warned.

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    Best of luck with the sale Adrian

    Loxta Hardware

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    Hi Adrian

    Really shocked to see you go after our time with EKM and Bluepark, I hope all works out well for you and your family!

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    All the best for the future, Adrian, and hope the sale goes well

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    Cheers All,
    Funny how the 'job offers' flowing in are all related to doing it again, when all I want is a clean break, all I can really say to that is: it is funny sometimes how failure is perceived.
    I will miss my friends though, the rest of them... can sod off
    Family gets a Dad and Husband back at the end of it all so happy conclusions hopefully.
    I have taken the listing down but I will leave you with this thought:
    You all know the issues and you all know the problem, if one falls; it is like a tree falling in a forest, you could say nobody hears it, I say: What about the other silent trees?
    In the case of Google, strength is not being a silent tree awaiting your turn to fall.

    I'll try keep in touch with all on facebook, just introduce yourselves (shop included) to filter through.
    Best wishes as always
    Adrian xx
    Don't follow me on Twitter - You have been warned.

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