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Thread: Blog tools in Bluepark

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    Default Blog tools in Bluepark

    I am thinking to start blogging for SEO reason (mostly creating contents).

    I've read somewhere that high PR blogging providers give you more authenticity than others, and have decided to use either providers blogger by google ( or wordpress ( They are both PR 8 (or 9?) and seems easy to use and crawled by google very often (and well).

    Here is my question regarding blogging before I start.

    1. Isn't it possible to blog on Bluepark by this e-commerce site?
    (what I mean is, some websites have integrated blog site in theirs. e.g.

    (To be honest, I do not have any idea what this "asp" means)

    I was also thinking to use "News Manager" as blogging tools, but each content (or news) has different URL, does it mean that if the reader bookmark it (or add to favorite), they would always go to this particular news?
    (well, it would be great if everyone RSS it though)

    Ok, let me go back to the points (so many questions in my head!!)

    If not possible to integrate to Bluepark e-commerce site, second question needs to be answered,,.

    2. does anyone use these blogging provider? If so, which one do you recommend, and why?

    I apologise for asking so many questions, and would appreciate if anyone could answer any question above.

    Thanks in advance

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    We have been using Blogger for our PodBlog for a while and I can recommend it highly. However, the biggest problem is our own and that is keeping it up to date and relevant. The main problem has been images, taking them, reducing the size, uploading to whereever and so on.

    I have just started playing(!) with an iphone using a dowloaded app to to truly mobile blogging. It holds the promise that I can just take a picture whereever I am, add some text and links and upload it to the blog. If it works this is truly the most convenient.

    We do get a number of hits to our Bluepark site which have come from the blog, but I have yet to analyse whether they have gone on to buy so not sure of the quality of the links.

    We use a google gadget on our site to present a summary of what is on our blog which links through to the blog itself. Take a look at Feedburner (also Google!) which can create an HTML feed of your Blog which can be inserted into your site too (and its updated automatically too).

    Not sure whether or not integration with Bluepark is necessary as the Blogger tools out there are already easy to use and well established.
    Jonathan Read

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    Thank you Jonathan.

    I have checked your website, blog, and google gadget, looks very good indeed.

    Thanks again

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    I dont have an answer to your main question but I can tell you what an ASP is, its an Active Server Page.

    I'm quite new around here and have so far only asked questions so to actually know the answer to something is an achievement!

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