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Thread: Where to paste Bing adwords conversion code?

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    Default Where to paste Bing adwords conversion code?

    I have searched but can't find the answer.

    Where do we paste the Bing ads tracking code?

    Also there are 2 versions a JavaScript and a non one preferable than the other (does the JavaScript affect performance?)


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    Good morning,

    I have been in direct contact with Bing for pretty much the last month now and am still failing to successfully embed the Bing UETQ conversion code. The UET tracking code appears to partially work but registers every transaction three times. However I have had no success at all with the conversion code.

    Bing's response always seems very much trial and error. Their latest recommendation is to move both the UET and UETQ tags to the head section in the template... I haven't tested any conversions yet but plan to do so this morning. Fingers crossed....

    Not too sure how the javascript version affects performance yet, but that is the one I've been using. It also appears to a non-Javascript tag attached.

    Apologies for not being of more help, but thought I'd offer my solidarity and let you know you're not the only one struggling with Bing.

    If I ever get it working I'll let you know!

    Regards, Tom

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    Hi, it seems to track sales you need to paste the webpage address of a sale into Bing conversions so it counts this as a sale. Does anyone know what address this would be.

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    Hello there,

    I'm having a few difficulties implementing the tracking code too. Unfortunately even Bing support don't know how to do it and can't assist with coding.

    I'm trying to use the %total variable in the tracking code but it doesn't seem to be picking anything up.

    Have you had any more success with this?

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    Are you pasting the code Bing gives you into the conversion code box which is in the order tab within site-->configuration ?


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    I'm trying to use Bing UET too and facing the same problems. They say you don't need to put anything in the conversion box and all you need is one piece of code.

    However, you need to set up a conversion goal. This is where it gets tricky as they say you either need a url or an "event" like pressing a button, neither of which works for the BP set up.

    Is the problem they way Bing EUT works? Does anyone manage to track conversions with Bing?

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    I have been looking into adding the Bing Conversion tracking within the site too. Did anyone ever have any joy with getting this working to offer any advice?

    I have added the UET code into the 'Head section' that should be added to all pages. Once this has been verified I will then have a go at getting a conversion goal going.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I'm having the same issue. Bing want us to modify the UET but don't say how to modify it. We cannot verify it even works as they won't let you do that until you have set conversion goals, which is just a load of gibberish, the UET cannot even track basic events without the need for it to be rewritten, but again they won't say how to do this.

    Has anyone had any success setting this up?

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