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    Default New website

    Hi Everyone

    Just launched a new site for our products, any feed back on improvements would be most appreciated

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    1. Titles on the footer ("Site" and "Contact") don't line up. Remove extra line above "Contact".

    2. Your URLs for your products just show the SKU number. You can create SEO friendly URLs based on the Product Titles. You seemed to have done this for your categories, however. There's a tick box called "URL Text" on each product page that will generate the URL for you. Alternatively, you can do it in bulk using the Import feature. Here's a previous thread I wrote with detailed instructions on how to do it.

    3. Seriously consider buying an SSL certificate. It's a one off yearly cost that will give your buyers confidence that your site is secure. Without it, customers may be put off. It secures the registration and check out pages. It secures your Admin pages too. You can also make your whole site "HTTPS" (secure) if you like. Google apparently favours this. You can buy the SSL certificate direct from Bluepark and they will install it for you (within minutes). No, I don't get any commission!

    4. Your Navigation bar at the top of the website slightly overlaps the page content. You need some extra white space between the two areas. Also your Navigation bar could do with extending further across the page so that it's the same width as the header/logo. Furthermore your header could be raised a bit higher away from the navigation bar (increase the "header height" (in "Header" setting) without making your logo any bigger and increase the distance the navigation bar sits from the "top" ("distance from top" setting in "Navigation Bar")

    5. *** Important *** You don't seem to have an "Add to basket" buttons on your product pages or indeed any prices. Is this because it's for "dealers only" and they won't see this information until they log on? If so, you need to state this somewhere on the site in a prominent place on every product page (perhaps create a block with a banner?). Otherwise people will just leave the site confused and without buying anything. Your "Dealer Login" page asks me for a password but doesn't tell me how I get this password in the first place. Try looking at your site through the eyes of a potential visitor. What's obvious to you isn't necessarily obvious to them. Have some friends try out your site to "quality control" it and point out any flaws. If I've got the wrong end of the stick, then that's because the site has confused me. Or is the lack of price/add to basket button down to the fact that you haven't added any quantities yet to the products and they won't show up until you do? Although it does say "In stock, immediate despatch" on all products.

    OK. I've started the ball rolling on feedback. I'm sure others will be along to give their comments.

    Welcome to Bluepark, Gemini. It's great software as you will discover and this forum has a great, friendly community of people who will help you. Don't be afraid to ask.

    All the best!

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    The immediate thing that stood out for me was the price/add to basket issue. I clicked onto the dealer Login button, to see what it said, and of course needed the password.

    I was very confused about the price and add to basket, as every product I clicked on did say in stock - but again, no way of adding the item to the basket, or to know how much it was going to cost. I assumed therefore that this was a dealer only site - but, as Red has said - it doesn't tell you this anywhere on the site.

    I like the layout and the colours used


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    Apart from the above, I get the idea that the main AVS logo in the header is slightly out of focus - has it been enlarged and therefore has lost resolution? Have you got the original somewhere?

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    Looks good and welcome. I would possibly make your footer tie in colour wise to the rest of the site rather than leave grey, just a personal thought from an aesthetic point of view really.

    Also your latest products link doesn't work in the footer.

    Your Google Plus link in footer just takes you to main google plus rather than your own account

    Good Luck

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    Thank you very much for your input into site improvements, especially Red Devil about the SEO improvements

    Many thanks
    Trade supplier of Alarms, Cruise controls, Speed limiters & Parking sensors

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