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Thread: Launched my site, feedback welcome!

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    Post Launched my site, feedback welcome!

    Hi all,

    I've just launched my site after quite a few months of work. Feedback would be greatly appreciated!


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    Hi Craig
    Personally, I think the website looks clean, slick and easy to navigate. I would perhaps put your contact telephone number on the header itself, as with your other website, as it hits yu right away, rather than it been in the smaller block below on the home page.

    Ive only had a quick look, but the links seem to work fine. Great imagery and descriptions for the products Ive looked at.

    All very nicely laid out


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    Great sight, I love the images, big and bright... If I was to say anything its I couldn't find a telephone number anywhere, I never order from any sites without a telephone number... Even if it goes to an answer phone at least its something... unless you answer any emails etc within moments then maybe that's ok. Also and this is just my personal thought... where ever there is the green colour I would change it to NHS blue, it just looks more medical... Yes I know green is used in uniforms etc but as I said its just a personal thing.

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    Nice looking site. Just check the address in your footer?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BenP View Post
    Nice looking site. Just check the address in your footer?

    Sounds like it's a bit windy around there

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