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    Wink What do you think ?


    I have been really brave and tackled html. Just wanted your thoughts.

    We sell body protectors which we fit in our shop. I wanted to put the stock, price and availability on the website but not allow the customer to buy them.

    Well I have managed to remove the button see just wondered if it would be better to remove the quantity to add bar (don't actually know how to do this yet) or leave it in. I will be adding more items that require in store fitting such as hats & helmets so would like your thoughts. Please
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    I think it needs to made clearer that this is Collect Only. If I had not read your post above and had gone to buy one of them, I would not have understood that it is collect only. I think removing the quantity to add bar would help.

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    I agree - it will confuse customers if there is no buy button and confused customers just go away.

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    Setting the Quantity to zero should remove the "add to bag" button.

    You could use the "Additional Content" field to explain why people can't buy online.

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    Thanks I thought that 'free fitting' would indicate that you had to collect - need to think a bit deeper, I also thought about zeroing quantity - but that wouldn't show our actual stocks so not really helpful if you are planning a visit. . I thought you would suggest losing the quantity to add bar, now I need to find out how. Thanks for help Pat
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    Free fitting could mean as an additional service to buying online, so it would confuse customers. I would add something in Additional content and remove the quantity add bar.

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    Is there any reason why a customer should not be able to buy the product and then collect it?

    If not then you could set up a shipping code for collect only.

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    Is there not a reason why the customer cannot buy it from your site and have it delivered, the size chart is there. If it didn't fit it would be at their cost to return the product as long as you make it clear in your T&C. I know this wasn't your question but I imagine you would sell a lot more allowing the customers to order online etc.

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