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Thread: Google making changes to shipping attribute - weight limits

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    Default Google making changes to shipping attribute - weight limits

    Google are implementing a 1,000kg weight limit on the shopping feed. Any product above that weight will be excluded.

    Anyone else caught by this change? If yes, what are your plans?

    Can't Google just stop mucking about with the shopping feed. It is getting sooooooooo boring and is such a waste of valuable time.

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    Just wondering what you sell that weighs 1,000kg

    as 1000 Kg is a tonne,
    and if you can imagine a box 1 meter on a side filled with water - that is a tonne

    or the average walrus
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    I don't use google shopping anymore, but how many items do you sell that are over a tonne in weight?

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    lol, fair question.

    Bit of an odd situation really that dates back over 13 years. When I originally set up my shipping scales, I didn't use real weights. It was a strange scale that went from 1-999,999. When Google shopping came along and proper weight scales in my cart, I never changed my scale as it worked so well. I had to assign a weight unit but other than that, changed nothng. The fact that is was technically kg never seemed to matter as long as the customer was being charged the correct things. So my weight scales goes from 1kg to 999,999kg, lol.

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