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Thread: New structured data for Google Shopping - JSON-LD

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    Default New structured data for Google Shopping - JSON-LD

    Google will shortly be implementing automatic item updates for shopping feeds, and this appears to require some new markup data in the form of JSON-LD:

    Will Bluepark be implementing this into product page templates, or will we have to do this manually using the Custom HTML tab in the template editor?

    Many thanks,

    Big Dog World

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    Thought it was all there already.


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    Neil, Neil is correct. Run any of your product page URL's through this structured data testing tool and you will see


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    Thanks both, you're quite right. Have just checked and the relevant tags are there.

    Well done Bluepark. I'll be sitting quietly in the corner with my dunce hat on if you need me
    Big Dog World

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    Always best to ask. I would have done too if yet another Google update hadn't sent me into an instant coma

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