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Thread: csv files and special characters

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    Default csv files and special characters

    I've had to get a new tablet and we are now having problems with csv uploads/downloads messing up anything with accented characters in it (eg; etc).

    I used to use a Windows tablet running Openoffice Calc and everything worked perfectly. Now using a Samsung Galaxy Tab and I've tried Excel and Google Docs as well as a couple of supposed alternatives to Openoffice which were both rubbish and every special character is converted to what I think is the ASCII code, ie: "" appears as "ü". I don't know if its an Android problem, a software problem or something wrong at the BP end... anyone else come across this or know a fix for it?


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    Hello Tim

    I have experienced this problem using CSV exports/imports on my Mac. The only work around I found to be successful was to encode all accented characters to XML (ie. >
    ) when writing / importing. They then export correctly without being incorrectly decoded.

    Lots of options available to encode but I use:!encoding=xml&action=encode&charset=us_ascii

    I appreciate this is not an ideal solution, but hope it helps.

    Best wishes

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    Thanks for that, I'll give it a go for some and see how it works. It won't be any worse than what I have now anyway...

    Do you happen to know if the code is &# followed by ; for everything like that? I already use the numbers to enter the character via the numerical keypad so know most off by heart!

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