Hi all

So following my post in the Online Marketing and Promotion part of the forum (https://www.bluepark.co.uk/forums/sh...Internal-Links) I decided to have a little play with this idea to see if I could make it work.

Having come up with a couple of ways to do it I am now wondering if one is preferable from a technical and SEO perspective, and I am hoping someone with a bit more tech knowledge would be able to give a more informed opinion (I know which is simpler, just not sure it is better)

In both examples I have used the author Joyce Meyer (titles currently on the homepage) who is quite popular.

1. Used on all Joyce Meyer titles except "I Dare You" (titles on the homepage)

I used the "Advanced Search" feature to search by Author, them used the page address of the Joyce Meyer author and applied it as html code to the Attribute in the back end to create a link to the this author from the "Author" Attribute (to the right of the image on the main product page)

This seems to work ok, but appears messy (the address bar is very long winded and non-descript) and unless there is some very clever way with using lots of code, I can't see how to customise the results page to look how I want.

2. Used on the book "I Dare You" only (title on the homepage)

I created the category "Christian Authors" set it to "inactive" then created "Joyce Meyer" as an "active" sub-category. I then applied the Category to the Attribute "Author" as html code, this means that the address bar is a lot more relevant (I think), and also that I can customise the results page easily, as it is a category. This means I could put in information about each Author easily without the masses of code number 1 would require. However this means I would have literally 100's of sub-categories for the "Christian Authors" category.

Hope this makes sense, any opinions appreciated