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Thread: Is Bing/Yahoo worth considering as an alternative to Google Shopping?

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    Default Is Bing/Yahoo worth considering as an alternative to Google Shopping?

    We have recently been subject to a policy violation on Google Shopping regarding Adult products and as such, we are now limited on how often we show up within Shopping Ads. It is really deflating as we don't sell 'Adult' products, but sell lingerie - which has the same classification due to the images.

    Our clicks have now all but disappeared and we don't know if they will ever get any better, so we are thinking of trying out Shopping Ads on alternative search engines, and Bing and Yahoo seem the obvious choice.

    So I've just a couple of questions that hopefully one of you lovely people can help me with:

    Is it worth submitting to anything other than Google?

    I've read that Bing and Yahoo are infact the same company. Is that correct? Does it mean that you submit a feed to Bing it will also show up on Yahoo, or do you have to do both?

    Can I utilise the Google Feed, or do I need to set up new fields? I've read some information online regarding Bing and it says you can submit your Google feed and it will just ignore what it doesn't need, but I think I'd rather set up a Bing and/or Yahoo specific feed.

    Any insight/info greatly appreciated

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    We use Bing Product Ads along side our Google Shopping Ads and yes I can confirm that your products will show up both on Bing and Yahoo results. We just use our google feed and it was refused about 3 times but eventually accepted and it's been fine ever since - not really sure how or what changed!

    We have found that it doesn't make anywhere near as much traffic as google, it's less than a 10th when we did our last quarterly analytics report.. but the few sales that it does generate is more than enough for a decent ROI.

    Of course we are in a completely different industry to you, so only one way to find out for sure

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