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Thread: (simple?) FEATURE REQUEST - Add Extra Fields in User Manager..?

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    Default (simple?) FEATURE REQUEST - Add Extra Fields in User Manager..?

    Would it be possible to add a couple of extra fields to the User Manager screen (ideally the 'Address line 1' field + the 'Postcode' field)?

    When our new Bluepark website finally goes live early next year, we will be uploading a list of around 20,000 existing customers. Around half of our daily orders will be added using the Remote Control feature and an extra field showing the 'Address Line 1' data would make it much easier for us to track down the correct customer.

    Quite often a customer placing a phone order (or with a query about an existing order) may be hard to understand over the phone, so we sometimes get the postcode details slightly wrong (and sometimes customer themselves get the details wrong!).
    In these cases we try searching for just part of the postcode - this obviously throws up a lot more results... such as multiple 'Mr Smiths' living in the same postcode area, and the only way to track down the correct one is to click the 'Edit' button against each of them, checking their address details until we find the correct user.

    (An alternative solution would be to add multiple fields to the Search area - so we could search for a house number + part of a postcode... but I presume just adding a couple of fields to the 'User Manager' area would be a lot simpler)


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    Just an idea - and i'm not sure where you'd get the software.

    But our local chinese takeaway has a system where, where when you phone them, an attached computer shows who is calling - Their name and their address if they have ordered previously and phone number before they even answer the call.

    This is done by caller ID - but if you have a lot of repeat customers as you say, this would take a lot of the hassle away. - be even cleverer if all you could transfer the number into the user manager search field at the click of a button and bring up their account.


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    Probably best to log this with BP as a support ticket or call to discuss. Highly unlikely you will get an answer on the forum as it's not a support forum but a community forum where users can help others.


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    ah right - thanks Dave

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    Do you mean something thing like this....
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