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Thread: Importing Email Addresses

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    Default Importing Email Addresses

    I am migrating to Bluepark from another ecommerce system. I have a database of thousands of email addresses (opt-in) that I have accumulated over many years. This is used to email all customers about new products, sales etc. about 4 times a month (with an unsubscribe system, so it is all legal).

    Can I import this into Bluepark via the User Manager? What are the implications of doing this? The only information in my existing database is the person's email address and name.



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    I create weekly newsletters via the e-mail manager and under the 'recipients' tab I import an external CSV file of e-mail subscribers - e-mail address and name. This then populates the 'additional recipients' field. The 'recipients' field is left as 'none'.

    This way nothing has to be imported into Bluepark. I use the external file as the master, which I add all new subscribers to.

    I guess you could use a mixture of new subscribers via the recipients field and pre-Bluepark subscribers via the additional recipients upload if you didn't want to keep an external master, but I have never done it this way

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    Hi Val

    That's a great suggestion, and I could use your technique, but I don't see how things like "unsubscribe" would work, if the email addresses were not held within Bluepark?

    Also, would there be any indication of emails that bounced? We use that to keep our email list clean, by removing any bounced ones after each mailshot.


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    You can now download a full list of "Unsubscriptions" and therefore tag your master list in Excel or Access in seconds.

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