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Thread: Not good Bluepark!

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    Exclamation Not good Bluepark!

    I've had several websites with Bluepark over the years and had no problems whatsoever.

    My present website is being put on the back burner for a few months due to another project, so I've moved to a free shopping cart with the intention of moving back to Bluepark in a few months.

    I've contacted Bluepark through their website and via their support email to request cancellation of my subscription but got no initial reply.

    After emailing again, Cate got back to me saying she had sent an email and to get back to her if I hadn't received it. Well, I hadn't and there's no email anywhere on my email server so who knows where that went?

    Anyway, I got back to her again, and, once again, no reply.

    Come on Bluepark you've got a great product and your service is usually second to none. I hope you are not starting to make things difficult when customers wish to cancel their subscriptions with you. That's what other shopping cart providers do ;-)

    Please ACT on my cancellation request or I'll have to go to my card issuer and that will not encourage me to return to Bluepark in the future!

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    I have ALWAYS found the service from Bluepark impeccable, I would bet its just a technical/email issue. I'm sure a quick phone call would put your mind at ease.

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    Hi, could you please give us a call on 0345 466 2666 and we can rectify this issue immediately? Please be assured we never ignore any emails that we receive and I can only conclude that either your emails aren't reaching us or our emails aren't reaching you. We also never make it hard for someone to cancel their account, this is not, and never will be, our company ethos.
    Moderator :: Bluepark Solutions

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    We too had problems receiving emails from Bluepark last week, still haven't received the email. We also didn't get the email at Christmas that Bluepark sent out.


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    I use Bluepark to host my email. I've never had any problems but every time I open Outlook I get a message that the server certificate is unverified and I have to select that I want to continue connecting to the server before the emails load. Maybe the certificate on Bluepark's email server is causing a problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by martinobi View Post
    I have ALWAYS found the service from Bluepark impeccable, I would bet its just a technical/email issue. I'm sure a quick phone call would put your mind at ease.
    +1 From me for service too!

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