HI - I have been in touch with the Bluepark team and they have advised me to consult on the forum about a couple of points

My business is to sell some general stock items (two of this and three of that) where those items will always be restocked and available, this seems to be easily done on a Bluepark site, even linking with ebay

However I also have many (could be thousands) of unique one-off items, records and memorabilia types of things, they are listed once, sold and then do not reappear.

My questions to the forum are these...

How succesfully does the bluepark site track sales on ebay and on the website and vice-versa, will it change the available item on ebay to '0' available if it sells either on the site or on ebay then if I remove the '0' item from ebay does it disappear from the Bluepark site?

Also my postage policies on ebay are set up for a cost for one item then there is an additional cost for more records sold.. also there are different prices for different records (LP's and singles) and different zones - how well do people find this works? And if you set up the postage on Bluepark does it transfer well to eBay?

The thing is I have signed up to two platforms now and both have not worked out for me, they either struggle with the number of individual items and changing stock or the postage policies are incompatible etc....

So is anyone successfully running a similar set-up who can tell me how it is for them before I sign up to Bluepark?