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Thread: New Purchase Order system

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    Default New Purchase Order system

    So, I'm having a play with the new purchase order system. There are many products, however, that it won't allow me to add to an order, despite them being products for that supplier. They're just greyed out. Any ideas?

    Edit: It seems to be due to the sales column being equal to '-'. However, some of those products do actually have sales.

    Will raise a support ticket.

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    After a preliminary test, things I'll need

    Very important:
    1. cost currency
    2. pack price
    3. pack units
    4. allow ordering of packs, not units

    Really cool feature to have:
    1. display customer notification count against a product.

    2. Allow ordering by main product, ignoring variants
    3. Allow upload of purchase orders

    All in all, a great first version. I've been hoping for something like this for ages.

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    I've been having a play around with this too. The first thing that I'm a bit confused about is the "sales" column. Over what period is this ? The last month ? I'm adding 3 products in particular that are showing the sales as zero, however, I have sold some of these products in the last month. The stock levels of these particular products is currently zero (which is correct). I'm just a bit confused over what period the number of sales are.

    I would also vote for exactly the same suggestions that Patchwork Rabbit has mentioned above. In particular the "customer notification count against a product" and to allow "order by main product (ignoring variants)"


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    I would like to see a new value for products that is a re-order qty that would automatically insert that into the order qty for those who don't order based on sales but rather hold a fixed number.

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    After having a toy around, I have to agree that currently this doesn't quite work as a purchase order system yet.

    Normally, in a lot of cases we have to order in pack size and quantities that are different to what we sell them.

    For instance some of our products we can buy in gram or kilogram, but also other product we have to buy in 100's, 250's or 1000's units. - i agree it needs a re-order pack size field, and one that holds text, not just numbers.

    We'd also need to remove the price from the purchase order.

    Unfortunately an update that is no use to us in its current form, but could have been if a bit of input had been requested from BP users beforehand. I also see no reply from BP to Sarah question regards timescale, which most of us would also like to know the answer to.....


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    The sales column within the Purchase Order system is a rolling 30 days worth of data. We are currently collecting feedback via, if you would like to make suggestions please get in touch.
    Moderator :: Bluepark Solutions

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    Please take a look at the latest updates, we've put several purchase order enhancements live today based on the feedback we've received so far.
    Developer :: Bluepark Solutions

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    Rich, any chance you could allow the purchase order data to be exported and scheduled?

    Loxta Hardware

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    I would still really, really like to see the notification count against an item in the "add" section.

    I would like to see notification count on the product manager too. This is such a useful function that is under utilised at the moment.

    I think the changes are an improvement, but currency should really be against the supplier, not the purchase order. Suppliers don't move countries.
    I also hope that the manual entry of pack text is temporary and that the product will eventually hold this info.

    One other point. A product can be purchased from more than one supplier. I order a product from whichever supplier I'm ordering from next, in some cases, or if they offer me a discount code, for example. This makes the PO system difficult to use for some products. Perhaps have the option to remove the supplier restriction for that PO so that you can add any product?

    And the POs REALLY need the ability to order the lines by various criteria.

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